Sell WordPress
Websites as a Service

Sell WordPress sites as a subscription service with our managed hosting. Start a new recurring business like WIX, Squarespace or

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How it works

Built by You
Hosted by ReadyShip

Sell Websites as a Service

We clone WordPress websites you built (including all the settings and demo content) and get them ready to be sold as a service with our managed hosting.

Create Plans with Your Pricing

You decide the value of the WordPress website you built. Set the price of your subscription on top of our hosting costs.

Pile Up Your Recurring Revenue

Your customers get their website ready to go in a matter of minutes! Then your recurring revenue starts.

Use cases

For All The Expert WordPress Developers

Transform your business model, get new customers.
You and Your talent are the centerpiece.

Theme / Plugin

Use our hosting and your demo contents to create a new subscription plan.

Reach new customers,
build long-term relationships, increase the customers‘ “Lifetime value”.


Use your skill as a perpetual asset. Turn your brilliant websites from Installations to Services.

Start a new business model, make monthly recurring revenue. Without any hassle of one-time payments.


Express your creativity as a Service. Make the websites you like and provide them to the world.

Connect with customers who love your work, build your own business and community.


Build, Sell and Pile Up
Recurring Revenue
on Our Platform

Simple & Easy Just as You Always Do

All you need to do is to create a beautiful WordPress website using any theme or plugins.

An Environment For Each Website

We give you a WordPress development environment for each WordPress website setup/install.

You Own the Pricing

You have full control over the monthly price. The only additional charge from us is for our managed hosting and a small operational fee.

3 Plans - Small, Medium and Large

Plans for enterprise use are also available. You can set different prices for each plan.

Share the URL of Your Checkout Page

To start selling WordPress websites as a Service, just share the URL of the checkout page! 7 days free trial period is included.

Start the New Website in a Few Minutes

Your customers not only benefit from skipping all the complicated setup processes, but also launch a perfect website(that you created!) in a few minutes.

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting on AWS

We host WordPress websites on ECS Container pool supported by extra-large servers.

Monitoring and Human Support

For questions about hosting your customers can send an inquiry from the Admin Panel.

Managed Recurring Billing

You don't need to worry about billing management. ReadyShip automates the subscription process and transfers the revenue to your PayPal account.

Payout to your PayPal Account

The payout to you will be made in 14 - 21 days after the customer makes a payment. The transaction fee is 3.6% for credit card payment + 5.0% for transfer.


Nothing to Pay,
It's Free to Start

You Own the Pricing

You decide the monthly price your customers pay for your services. The only additional cost is for our managed hosting.

Low Transaction Fee

We minimized the fee for transactions to your account (PayPal).


Founder's Journey

Our Mission

Empower Developers Like You

We believe in the big and small possibilities developers have to pave their path for the future.

Improve your future with us by transforming your business model and creating a stable revenue stream.

Then let’s keep challenging ourselves
with exciting projects!!

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