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Start a Recurring Revenue Business with WordPress

Sell WordPress Websites as a Service

WIX, Squarespace, and do it. Now it’s your turn to get into the recurring revenue business. 

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A Formula for Success

Built by You, Hosted by ReadyShip

Sell WordPress Websites as a Service 

You build the WordPress site. We manage the hosting and clone your website (including all settings and demo content) when you’re ready to sell it as a subscription. 

Dictate Your Own Subscription Prices

Decide the value of the WordPress website you built and set your subscription prices accordingly. Just remember to put them on top of our hosting fees!

Generate Recurring Revenue Fast

It won’t take long for your customers to get their WordPress websites ready to go. The second they hit that Publish button, your recurring revenue stream begins.

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Who Should Sell Websites as a Service?

Calling All WordPress Professionals and Experts

ReadyShip's subscription service can help you reach
more customers, build stronger, long-term relationships with them,
and generate a dependable revenue stream.

Start building relationships that will last a lifetime.

Theme & Plugin Developers

Use our hosting to power your theme and plugin subscriptions. Get your WordPress products into the hands of new customers today.

Web Agencies

Become the all-in-one provider for customers as you turn your impressive WordPress websites into valuable subscription-based services.


Want to be rewarded for your creativity? Build the WordPress websites that you like and sell them as a service to communities that are in need of your help.

Pricing & Payments

Nothing to Pay.
It's Free to Start

Done-for-You Billing

You decide how much your customers will pay for your subscription services. We take care of billing them. You collect the profit. 

Minimized Transaction Fees

We keep transaction fees low (8.6%), so you can pocket more of the money made on each subscription. Start accepting payments from PayPal, Stripe, or wire transfer now.

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Build a WordPress Site

It’s easy. Build your WordPress site as you normally would, using your choice of theme and plugins.

Develop Quickly and Privately

We give you a WordPress development environment for each website build.

Set Your Own Price

We only charge for managed hosting and a small operational fee. The rest is up to you.

Choose from 3 Plans

Bill based on the size of the website: small, medium, or large. Enterprise plans are also available.

Share the Checkout URL

Ready to sell your WordPress websites as a service? Simply share the URL of your checkout page.

Get Paid Quickly

Your customers will be thrilled when they discover just how little work they have to do. This means they can launch their new awesome website in just minutes!

Trust in AWS Hosting

Your web hosting is fully managed by us. We host WordPress websites using Amazon EC2 container services (ECS), supported by extra-large servers.

Contact ReadyShip Support

If your customers have questions regarding hosting, they can message us from the admin panel.

Don't Worry About Billing

ReadyShip automates the recurring billing process and transfers subscription revenue directly into your account.

Collect Payments Painlessly

Payouts go into PayPal or bank accounts within 14 to 21 days of a subscription purchase. We charge 3.6% to process credit cards and 5% for bank transfers.

Our Mission

ReadyShip Empowers Developers Just Like You

We believe there are a multitude of ways in which WordPress developers can build a strong future for themselves.
We want to be one of the means by which developers can achieve these possibilities, whether big or small. 

Are you ready to transform your business model and create a stable and recurring revenue stream for yourself?
Then, let’s get to work!