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Why Choose ReadyShip?

Boost Your Business while
Saving Lots of Time and Money

Your ready-made WordPress site comes with everything you need to get it up and running.
Hosting, security, and support are also included. Oh, and did we mention how affordable our monthly costs are?
Find out for yourself by starting your 7-day free trial today. 

4 Unique Points of us

Everything You Get with a ReadyShip Plan

1. A Ready-Made WordPress Site

We don’t want you to worry about a thing.
That’s why your WordPress website comes fully loaded with all the essentials:

  • Theme
  • Plugins
  • Configured settings
  • Page templates
  • Demo content
If you want to share your business with the digital world, a ready-made website built by true WordPress experts will get it done for you.

2. Affordable Monthly Cost

Getting a WordPress site for your business should be as painless as possible. That’s why we’ll never ask you to pay any upfront costs. 

Take time to look at ReadyShip’s ready-made websites and find the one that best suits your business needs. When you’re ready, sign up for one of our plans. They start at a low cost of $59 a month!

Not happy after 7 days? We’ll refund your subscription, no questions asked.

3. Fully-packaged Service:
Managed Stable Hosting on AWS + Free SSL + CDN

Your all-inclusive ReadyShip web hosting package comes with:

  • Managed web hosting - so you don’t have to worry about the server technology
  • AWS-powered hosting - to give your site a super stable platform
  • Domain transfer - if you want to bring over a domain you already own
  • FTP account - for instantaneous access to your database
  • SSL certificate - for securing all on-site communications through encryption
  • Firewall - to keep WordPress safe from hackers
  • CloudFront CDN - to speed up loading times, even for visitors on the other side of the world

4. 24/7 Support

It’s no fun stressing over your business all the time, so let us take care of the website piece of it for you… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here is what you get with ReadyShip support:

  • Assistance with WordPress installation and website issues
  • Total management and support for hosting
  • Monitoring all platforms to ensure your site remains safe, stable, and online
It’s our mission to empower creators to build websites more easily, and you can’t possibly do that if you’re stressed over the technology behind it.

The ReadyShip Difference

How Does the Competition Stack Up?

ReadyShip Premium
(Business Plan)
or Squarespace
Ready-made Website
WordPress Benefits
Installed Theme
(Not installed)
Design Variations
Demo Content
(Not all themes)
Pre-Installed Plugins N/A
Theme Configuration
Settings Configuration
Web Hosting
SSL Certificate
24/7 Support & Monitoring
(Monitoring not included)

(Unless you pay extra)
Free Trial Term
(WIX does,
Squarespace doesn't)
Quick Launch
Total Cost $59 /month+;
Everything is included.
$30 - $60 per theme.
Remember to factor in time to develop, plus the cost of web designers and monthly hosting.
$348 per year.
Always billed annually
WIX: $0 - $30/month;   
Squarespace: $12 - $26/month
$3,000 - $10,000 initially; 
$30 - $500 for monthly maintenance / support

Who Is ReadyShip For?

Creative Agencies and Freelancers

ReadyShip offers creative agencies and freelancers a solution for simplifying their workloads and boosting revenue:
White Label Service: Buy a ReadyShip website and subscribe, fill in the content, and invoice your client at a markup. It’s the same as you do now, except you’ll spend less time building websites from-scratch.

Project Managers and Team Leaders

You know that WordPress is the most trusted content management system in the world and you want to give your clients the best chance for success online. This means providing them with the means for getting a beautiful looking and professional-grade WordPress website.

By using ReadyShip subscription services, you get access to all-inclusive website packages. A done-for-you website, managed hosting, and 24/7 support… it’s all included for a super affordable price which they’ll find hard to say “no” to.

Startups and Entrepreneurs

Starting a new business venture is very exciting. That said, it’s also the time when you’re the most budget-conscious… and too busy to build a website on your own.

So you need a website. Specifically, you need a WordPress website, hosting, SSL certificate, CDN, and probably someone to help you configure all of it (not to mention choosing a design and adding content). Join ReadyShip’s subscription service.
For WordPress Developers and Designers

Build and Sell Beautiful WordPress Websites.
We Take Care of Everything Else.

Interested in flexing your creative muscles and selling your own WordPress websites as a subscription?
ReadyShip makes this easy with managed hosting, security features, and 24/7 support.

Start Selling
Our Vision:
Empowering Web Creators​​

"We aim to build a better solution for web creators by empowering them to flex their creative muscles further than they ever have before. We believe in their potential to do more, and look forward to an exciting future together!!" 

Daisuke Kawabata
CEO, Founder of ReadyShip