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ReadyShip pays out a generous commission of $50 per website sale and additional bonuses!

Terms & Policies

With 6 month cookies, generous commissions and lot of benefits, our program is very affiliate friendly.

Join our Affiliate program and get a 30% discount on our Ready-Made WordPress sites for the first year on annual subscriptions

Every Ready-Made WordPress site includes:

  • Installed and configured theme/plugins
  • Designed content, pages, images etc.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting on AWS
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free Domain
  • CloudFront CDN
  • FTP Account
  • Large storage volume

Commission Rules & Bonuses

General commission rules

  • $50 per website sale
  • $50 bonus on the first sale
  • Double commission in the first 30 days
  • $5 bonus on every sale in the first 90 days

Additional bonus based on monthly sales

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