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Our Vision & the World We Wish to Create

Our Vision & the World We Wish to Create

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In this blog, we would like to illustrate the vision and purpose of ReadyShip and how we plan to construct a system that provides developers with stable revenue. Through the experience of our founder and CEO Daisuke Kawabata, we try to find an answer for what creators are seeking, and how ReadyShip can help them.

“What is the vision of ReadyShip?”
“What is our mission?”
“How are we constructing a system to provide developers with stable revenue?” and,
“Where are we going?”

These are most likely some of the questions you might have for ReadyShip. In this blog, we would like to share the broad aspects of “why we do what we do” and by operating ReadShip, “what kind of world we wish to create” for the creators.

From ReadyShip’s Founder & CEO, Daisuke Kawabata’s Own Experience

The idea behind ReadyShip is from my own experience. I myself have worked with many clients as a Web developer by building and maintaining their websites and/or business applications. I enjoy developing, but more than that I really enjoy the creation process:

The process is….
1. Have an initial meeting with clients
2. Design a screen
3. Create a mockup & UI
4. Have more meetings with clients
5. Write numerous source codes
6. Continue this process until I reach a system that is manageable

I think this process itself is very interesting!

The truth is, at our base, our passion and curiosity would never end. In our daily life, there is this moment of sudden emergence of our passion; encountering the feeling of “what if we had something like this?” and “I want to create something like this!” I think everyone has encountered this type of experience at least once in their life.

However, it is very difficult to actually take action and react to these feelings. The reason for this is because we have so much to do in our work life. Of course, you still have the weekends and sometime after work. However, in reality, there are other things besides work that we are responsible for, such as spending time with family and taking care of ourselves both mentally and physically.

This, unfortunately, means that when we want to challenge ourselves and start something new, we don’t have the time to do it.

How to have your own SaaS Model

This is the story of our lives, but what we question and also hope is that “what if we can invest 100% of our passion and curiosity into creating something new?”

The world we want to create is, when we decide which direction we want to take our passion (in other words, there is adequate time and money to carry out the challenge), we want to create the environment where we can challenge ourselves to 100%. It does not matter if the challenge is small or big, but we, creators wish to focus on challenging something new and improving products; that is the creators’ ultimate goal. Furthermore, if these challenges can lead to creating a cycle, a cycle of producing even more challenges, that is wonderful.

ReadyShip helps developers who want to keep challenging themselves produce a recurring revenue base. Let us illustrate a specific scenario with using ReadyShip!

1. Your WordPress theme or plugin = website is registered with ReadyShip as a product
2. You set your own price and start selling your product
3. Provide your product using internet to countless people
4. The users pay monthly subscriptions
5. You receive monthly revenue from the users

In short, it’s the SaaS Business Model!

How Does ReadyShip work?

If you use ReadyShip, your revenue is built upon a unit of user usage (a unit of themes or plugins), thus all the effort you put into marketing will directly result in your future assets. It is different from that of a client work, which is done after creating and delivering products. With ReadyShip, you can build your own assets by developing themes and plugins then continue to brush them up, which also leads to greater joy of users.

What we say “assets” here are not limited to source codes. The assets are also the users who are using your products. They are your important assets. These users may also form a community and from the community, you can receive feedback to improve your products even further. If this system operates well, this becomes a unique asset, which is specific to you and your products only.

Having your theme or plugin with WordPress as the core, we can increase the number of happy users by continuing to improve its quality. By operating with this simple cycle, your assets can create a regular revenue, and thus create the basis of a solid business.

When you are at this stage, you will no longer have issues with monthly cash-flow. Startups would call this a “MRR – Monthly Recurring Revenue.” Furthermore, after constructing such a base, you can regain your time for a new challenge, and if necessary, you can also find a team to work on more exciting projects with.

The Best Environment for Developers

ReadyShip is a service provider, which generates an environment favorable to developers illustrated above. Our goal is for the developers to reach their full potential so that we can generate a cycle of more creative future. We hope to create an exciting world together with everyone including developers joining ReadyShip and also the internal ReadyShip team.

If we disclose our service details this much, you might think we should start discussing about specific costs next. However, in order to protect our developers, we’ve decided to not make the service cost public. We believe that it may be disadvantageous to our developers if users saw the cost of the server. Thus, we only make the cost public to the developers participating in ReadyShip.

If you are a web developer (with a background in WordPress) and passionate about new challenges, please fill our invite form (Now you can register here: ) ! We, ReadyShip, have started our voyage, so please give it a try and send us feedback. We’d love to hear from you!

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