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ReadyShip Starts Affiliate Marketing Program

ReadyShip Starts Affiliate Marketing Program

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ReadyShip Starts Affiliate Marketing Program

Starting today, ReadyShip starts running Affiliate Marketing Program.

Like a lot of other companies running Affiliate Marketing Programs, we decided to start our own. Affiliate Marketing Programs help companies to promote their products and they are a good source for affiliates to increase their revenue from their websites or blogs.

Why join our Program?

Joining our program will help you increase your revenue signifficanly thanks to our generous commissions. Recommend other people to buy a Ready-Made WordPress on ReadyShip and earn up to $125 per website sale. The commissions rules and bonuses we pay are displayed below.

General Commission Rules

  • $50 per website sale
  • $50 bonus on the first sale
  • Double commission in the first 30 days
  • $5 bonus on every sale in the first 90 days

Additional bonus based on monthly sales

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For more details about our Affiliate Program please check our Affiliate Program page and please also read our program’s terms and conditions.

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