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How to Add Dynamic Pricing with Discount Rules in WooCommerce (Free Plugin)

How to Add Dynamic Pricing with Discount Rules in WooCommerce (Free Plugin)

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Dynamic pricing refers to prices that change depending on certain rules or conditions, however you wish to call them.

For example, you can add dynamic pricing in WooCommerce to a certain category of products, and if someone buys a certain amount, they can get a discount. If they don’t meet the rules by buying a certain amount, then they’ll pay the usual price, without any discount.

Setting up dynamic pricing with discount rules can be a better option than using coupons because the discounts are applied automatically. That makes it more convenient for the buyers because they don’t have to manually add the coupon codes.

So, if you’re looking for a feature like this one, I’ll show you how to add dynamic pricing with discount rules in your WooCommerce shop, using a simple and free plugin.

Dynamic Pricing with Discount Rules in WooCommerce Using a Free Plugin

Since WooCommerce doesn’t have such a feature by default, you’ll need to install a plugin.

I recommend using “Discount Rules for WooCommerce“, which is a free and solid plugin. You can always upgrade to the Pro version if you need more features.

Let’s see how to use it.

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Step 1

Install and activate the Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin.

If you need help, here’s a detailed tutorial on how to install a plugin in WordPress using 4 different methods.

Step 2

After installing and activating the plugin, from your dashboard’s menu, I recommend going to WooCommerce > Woo Discount Rules > Settings tab to set the general options based on your preference.

Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin settings

There, you can set things like:

  • Calculating the discount from the sale price or regular price;
  • Letting both discounts and coupons run together or not;
  • Combining all cart discounts or not.

And there are a lot more global options there.

Step 3

After you’ve finished adjusting the global settings, go to the Discount Rules tab to create dynamic pricing with rules for your WooCommerce products.

discount rules woocommerce plugin

You’ll notice that there are already 3 samples with discount rules created by the developers. You could edit and use those, or you can create your own.

For this tutorial, I’ll add a new rule to show you how it works.

Step 4

Click on the Add New Rule button.

add new discount rule woocommerce plugin

Step 5

Add a descriptive name for your WooCommerce discount rule. I named it “Bulk Discount”. Then, choose a discount type from the drop-down. For this example, I’ll choose Bulk Discount.

add nre discount rule name and discount type

Keep in mind that the name you set there will appear on the Cart page if the following feature is enabled when setting up the rules: “Show discount in cart as coupon instead of changing the product price?”. You’ll see this feature in the next step.

coupon discount
Discount name is shown as coupon instead of changing the price in the table

Bulk discounts handle the total number of products purchased. For example, if someone buys 2 t-shirts, they can get a 10% discount per product. If they buy 3 t-shirts, they can get a 20% discount.

The other options for the free version are Product Adjustment and Cart Adjustment. Their options are similar.

Step 6

After you’ve added a name for the rule and selected a discount type, this is what you’ll see by default.

bulk discount options

Let’s play with the discount rules now to create dynamic pricing for our WooCommerce products. 😀

In the Filter section, I left the filter for All Products, except for one called Ninja T-Shirt.

filter discount rule for woocommerce

To exclude that product I:

  • Clicked on the Add filter button;
  • Selected Products from the drop-down;
  • Selected Not In List from the drop-down. That excludes the WooCommerce product from the discount list;
  • Added the name of the WooCommerce product that I want to exclude. The product needs to be created in order to be selected there.

You could choose an option to exclude WooCommerce products that are on-sale, for example, but you’ll need the plugin’s Pro version for that.

Next, we have the Discount section, where we’ll create the dynamic pricing for WooCommerce.

discount rule woocommerce

Here’s what I did:

  • I left Count Quantities by set as Filters set above. The other two options are “Individual product” and “All variants in each product together”. You’ll get an explanation in the left yellow box as you change them;
  • I added a Range that starts from a Minimum Quantity of 2 to a Maximum Quantity of 5. For that range, I chose a Fixed discount of 20, and gave it a Label of “Fixed Discount”;
  • I also added a second Range that starts from a Minimum Quantity of 6 to a Maximum Quantity of 10. For that range, I went for a Percentage discount of 25, and gave it a Label of “Percentage Discount”;
  • I left disabled the feature that writes “Show discount in cart as coupon instead of changing the product price?”. If enabled, the discount name set at step 5 will show on the Cart page as a coupon name, above the Total price. You can add a different name in the text field next to it when enabled. Leave it disabled to have the price changed in the Products table instead, on the Cart page.

Note that you don’t have to add a dollar sign ($) nor a percentage sign (%) when adding the Discount Value. The plugin adds it automatically in the back-end based on what you choose as the Discount Type.

So, now, if the customers buy between 2 to 5 t-shirts, for example, they get a fixed discount of $20 per product. If they buy between 6 to 10 t-shirts, they’ll get a 25% discount per product.

Moving on to the Rules section. These are optional, but I added a condition for the sake of example.

discount rules and conditions wocommerce

Here’s what I did:

  • I left Conditions Relationship set to Match All;
  • I clicked on the Add condition button;
  • I selected Subtotal as the Condition Type;
  • From the Subtotal Should be drop-down, I selected Greater than (>);
  • I added 100 in the Subtotal Amount field;
  • I selected Count all items in cart from the How to calculate the subtotal drop-down.

So, now, the WooCommerce discount conditions set in the previous section will only take place if the customer’s Subtotal is greater than $100.

For the Rule Limits, you can:

  • Add a Maximum Usage Limit. For example, if you want the discounts to apply only 100 times. Leave it to Unlimited if you don’t want any limits set;
  • Set a date range that’s Valid from to Valid to. The discount rules with the dynamic pricing in WooCommerce will start and end automatically in that time frame.

The Discount Bar is only available in the Pro version. It allows you to add discount information on the product pages.

woocommerce discount bar

Step 7

After you’re done, scroll up to click on the Save & Close button.

You’ll be directed to the Discount Rules table, where you’ll see your discount rule with dynamic pricing created for WooCommerce.

If you want, you can click on the 3 horizontal lines, hold, and drag to reorder it in the table.

reorder discount rule for woocommerce

Step 8

Let’s see if the discount rules work, and if the correct dynamic pricing for the WooCommerce products is applied.

dynamic pricing with discount rules in woocommerce

As you can see, I’ve added 3 x Dark Blue Hoodies in the Cart, which is more than the minimum set at step 6, in the Discount section. This applied a $20 fixed discount per product.

And the discount was applied only because the Subtotal is greater than 100, as I set it at step 6, in the Rules section.

You can also notice that I added 2 x Ninja T-Shirts, which is the minimum required, but the fixed discount hasn’t been applied. That’s because I’ve excluded that product at step 6, in the Filters section. Remember? 😀

Let’s see what happens if I add 6 x Dark Blue Hoodies in the Cart, which is the minimum required to trigger the percentage discount rule for the WooCommerce products.

dynamic pricing with discount rules in woocommerce

As you can see, it applied the 25% discount per product instead of the $20 fixed discount. Nothing happens with the Ninja T-Shirt because it’s excluded from the list.

So, it works! 😀 The discount rules are respected, and the dynamic pricing is added properly for the WooCommerce products.

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More Features with the Pro Version of the Discount Rules for WooCommerce Plugin

As you probably noticed, the free version of the Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin only covers the basic stuff. Since it’s free, it’s understandable, right? 😀

So, if you need more features, then you might want to check out the Pro version, which, in addition, offers:

  • Discount conditions for specific categories;
  • Buy One, Get One Free discounts, also known as BOGO discounts;
  • Dynamic pricing based on user role;
  • Discounts based on dependant product. For example, buying a product and getting a discount for another product;
  • Bundle discounts;
  • The ability to offer free products based on certain rules;
  • Discount for customers with specific domains. For example, discounts for customers with email addresses ending in;
  • The ability to exclude more products from the discount rules.

And there are more options, which you can check on their site.

The End

I hope that you understood how to use the Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin, and you managed to create some awesome offers, with the help of dynamic pricing, that your customers will enjoy, bringing you lots of profit.

If you have questions or thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below.

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